Therapeutic approach

I will hear you with genuine compassion.

My approach is client-centered – I will respond to what you tell me you need in each moment. I may use any of the following theories and techniques, depending on your history, your goals, and the therapeutic style which is the most successful for you

  • EMDR;
  • Emotional resetting;
  • Rogerian – reflective;
  • Psychodynamic: Your family history and your internal process;
  • Cognitive Behavioral: Challenging thoughts and beliefs that may be keeping you stuck, connecting your thoughts and feelings to interrupt cycles of depression and anxiety, and finding new ways for you to act in the world that can change the way you see yourself;
  • Brief Solution Oriented: Concentrating on your desired outcome.
  • I pose challenging questions, share insight, and occasionally suggest practical solutions.
“Before I came to you, I cried all the time. Now I stand up for myself. I learned,
‘use what good you have’. I function better and feel better.”
— Female client, 2007

I will help alleviate your stress.

Many people live with stress. I you are a caregiver suffering from exhaustion from caring for an older family member or friend, plus your own younger family, you may have lost sight of self care. You need and deserve to maintain your health, your socializing, as well as activities or dreams you long to pursue. I can help to re-connect with your core.

Deep relaxation, reinforced with a highly effective EMDR technique will give you a mini-vacation in my office. After experiencing in-office relief from your daily stress, I provide tools for you to return to that restful place anytime life stresses creep up on you.

Be really whole
And all things will come to you.
- Lao-Tzu

Addiction Counselling

Staying clear of substances means changing your lifestyle. Addictions are habits, and if you want to stop a habit, you need to make changes including friends, contacts, and activities, as well as how you think about your substance of choice. If you are dealing with drug or alcohol abuse, or any substance misuse, we can do an assessment and design a treatment plan. A structured schedule for your days might include attending 12 Step meetings, eliminating connections that are currently toxic for you, and expanding your support network.

“You ask the hard questions, give me structure to stay clean. But you listen. You’re like a gentle completion of the twelve steps.”
- Recovering addict, 2009
…with disengagement, an inexorable process of change begins. Clarified, channeled, and supported, that change can lead toward development and renewal.
- William Bridges


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming

EMDR is a technique originally facilitated by side to side eye movement. Now the stimulus can be audio, (sound) or tactile to move your state of consciousness to a level similar to a trance state. I find it powerful for reducing anxiety and depression, as well as for recovering from old or recent trauma. EMDR can work far more quickly than traditional talk therapy in freeing you from the effects of disturbing memories, or fears that keep you from progressing. Please call for a consultation, or see for more information.

I completed both levels of training with instructors who were taught the technique by EMDR founder, Dr. Francine Shapiro.

Deep Relaxation Trance Work

I use techniques suggested by Richard Bandler and John Grinder to invite you into a state of deep relaxation. When you let go of immediate stress and anxiety, it is possible to bypass your normal conscious defenses. This enables you to realize information about your own process, or solutions which are usually screened out of your conscious thoughts. At the very least, you should feel deeply rested.
At best, you will feel grounded, focused, will have gained significant insights.

“I was being bullied by my boss at work. Therapy with you, and EMDR taught me to fight back appropriately, and I left that job with a satisfying settlement from them. I learned I’m much stronger than I knew.”
- Female Client, 2008
I begin today to confide in you, . . . These are now the best years of my life for I have hope.
- Anais Nin

Marriage and Family Counselling

…every interaction between you and your partner, whether spoken or unspoken, can become a valuable source of information.
- Harville Hendrix

I work with adults, children 9 years old and up, and adolescents. I work with couples and families.

In my work with couples I focus on communication which requires genuine empathic listening and connection to, and expression of your own feelings, needs, anger, fears and desires. When you each feel heard and understood, working through all other issues becomes a realistic goal.

“When we came to see you we were arguing so much we were scaring our children. Now we listen to each other with genuine desire to understand each other. We’ve made some big decisions we never thought we’d be able to resolve. We talk deeply and feel loved and heard. We can get through tough times without the anger and blame we had before.”
- Couple, 2010
“My wife and I were talking about who the kids would live with if we divorced. Now we’re closer than we’ve ever been.”
- Couple, 2013
Intimacy grows with longevity. It deepens when couples are able to stay connected to each other, through anger and fear as well as joy and love over time.
- Jaminie Hilton

I work with transition issues including grief, career change, and other forms of separation.

I coach parenting after separation, or divorce.

Listening is a form of accepting.
- Stella Terrill Mann