Qualifications & experience

Masters in Counselling

Certificate in Chemical Dependency

EMDR Certificate: Advanced Level II 

Registered Counsellor with Crime Victim Assistance

Member in Good Standing:
British Columbia Association for Clinical Counsellors


In my work as a therapist for over 25 years, my training, education, and work experience span a wide diversity of cultural viewpoints and therapeutic approaches in both California, and Vancouver.

I have worked for crisis & suicide prevention centres, residential facilities for chronically mentally ill clients in crisis, and drug and alcohol recovery programs. My previous workplaces include an Elizabeth Fry Drug & Alcohol Counselling program, Family Services – Vancouver Incest and Sexual Abuse Centre – and the Vancouver School Board where I taught classes in development and communications. I have facilitated thousands of groups.  And I have been in private practice for 16 years.


“My anxiety kept me from socializing and the more I isolated myself, the more depressed I became.  My life has opened up to include friends and a new partner.
I’m connected now.”
– Male client, 2006
“I’ve hardly been able to go out.  I have anxiety attacks in a car, I can’t imagine driving.  But my weekly appointments are my bright spot, the one place I always want to go.  EMDR has helped me so much.
I feel calmer after my sessions.”
– Accident survivor, 2010
“I always feel stronger.  I always learn something valuable.”
– Woman in her 20’s, 2007
Trust in yourself.  Your perceptions are often far more accurate than you are willing to believe.
– Claudia Black